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Hi and welcome to rawriamadinosaur! This forum is all about having fun, being random, and keeping in touch with your friends.
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 Forum rules

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PostSubject: Forum rules   Forum rules EmptyWed Oct 06, 2010 4:45 pm

General rules:

1) Try to keep spam to a minimum unless posting in designated spam topics.
2) Any bullying or harrassment will not be tolerated and will result in a temporary ban in the first instance. If after the ban on your account is lifted you continue to harrass others you may be permanentley banned.
3) There is a limit of one account per person and if you create a second account after being banned you may recieve an IP ban.
4) There is now a three word limit on posts because posting one word is just annoying.

Image rules:

1) You are limited to 2 images in your signature, each one being a maximum of 250 x 400 pixels.
2) The limits on avatar size are 6 kb and 100 x 100 pixels. These are limits imposed by the hosting site, sorry.
3) Any overly innappropriate images will result in a warning and the removal of the picture/s. If this is a repeat offence you will be temp banned. If, when the ban is lifted, you continue to ignore warnings you will be perma banned.

Though this may seem like alot this is not at all a very strict forum and mods are likely to be farly lenient. That said these rules will be enforced to some degree so don't completely ignore them.

So with the seriousness aside, have fun!
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Forum rules
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